With summer in full swing, it’s a great time to add an outdoor television to your exterior living space. Outdoor TVs open up your entertainment options; you catch up on your favorite shows while swimming in the pool, barbecuing, or lounging around a fire pit. Unlike a standard 4K TV or outdoor projector, an outdoor TV boasts bright backlighting and weatherproof construction to withstand the elements, including harsher temperatures and wet conditions. You can leave one of these televisions outside year round, as they’re meant to serve as permanent backyard fixtures that can safely shrug off rain, snow, heat, or cold without getting damaged.

Take a look at quick info on the best outdoor TVs, then scroll down for buying advice and in-depth reviews.

The Best Outdoor TVs

    Things to Consider When Buying

    outdoor tv testing
    Hunter Fenollol

    Before you get an outdoor TV, consider the following: weatherproofing level, display brightness, and resolution. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is a durability scale that tracks resistance to intrusion by solid particles like dust (scaled from 0-6 and represented by the first digit) and liquids (scaled from 0-9, represented by the second digit). The lowest IP rating on any of these TVs is IP54, which means it offers level 5 dust resistance that can withstand gusts without compromising functionality. The level 4 liquid protection signifies that it can survive being surrounded by water jets from all directions. Place a premium on a higher IP rating if your TV won’t be covered by an awning or under a patio.

    If you plan to place your TV under direct sunlight, you’ll want a screen rated for full sun with anti-glare protections and that has plenty of nits (this is a standard unit for measuring luminance—the higher the number, the brighter the display). Don’t be fooled into thinking that stronger backlighting translates to a better picture quality. Case in point: The Séura Full Sun below is the best daytime outdoor TV because its ultra-bright screen is the most visible in direct sunlight while creating an excellent picture. But look at the colors and you’ll see they can appear washed out side-by-side with other models because the blacks aren’t as true and lean more toward grays. If you’ll primarily watch TV after dark or in partial sun, you can get away with lower brightness.

    Secondary factors to take into account include the type of wall mount you’ll need to hold the TV, whether or not you’ll need a sound system to amplify volume over ambient noises, and outlet locations for plugging in the TV. Accounting for these elements can ensure that your TV is in an optimal location and sounds clear.

    How We Tested

    outdoor tv testing
    Hunter Fenollol

    After researching the best selling weatherproofed outdoor TVs, vetting reviews using Fakespot, and talking to product managers, we called in the top models for evaluation. We lined each outdoor TV up along the back wall of our office so they each got the same amount of exposure to sunshine, rain, and shaded conditions. We took a look at all of the points we mentioned above, noted picture quality, and took stock of overall design, features, and usability.

    We adjusted each TV to the “Bright Outdoor TV” visual setting preset, which is the most vivid across the board and boosts brightness, contrast, and sharpness levels. To grab a baseline of image quality, we synced up the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick across each TV to spot differences in sharpness and colors. Each model stayed out in the sun, shade, night, overcast, and rainy conditions over the course of the week in temperatures that fluctuated between 53 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We assigned scores to areas such as operating system speeds, water droplet surface streaking in rainy weather, and remote layouts.

    outdoor tv testing in progress in the rain
    Testing outdoor TV performance during a rain shower.
    Hunter Fenollol

    We looked for the TVs that were weatherproofed to withstand seasonal changes, subzero temperatures, and wet conditions. We also looked for units across various price points to fit every budget and TVs with high nit ratings for easy visibility in both shaded environments and direct sunlight. You’ll also find some highly rated options (the Furrion and Kuvasong) at the bottom, which we haven’t tested yet but could be a fit based on their prices and capabilities. If you don’t necessarily need the exact sizes we tested, we’ve included links at the bottom of each review for other sizes of each model.


    Peerless-AV Neptune Partial Sun Series 55-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP54, -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit | Display brightness: 500 nits | Resolution: 4K UHD, 60 Hertz | Operating system: LG WebOS | Weight: 38 lb

    Neptune 55 Outdoor TV
    Peerless-AV bhphotovideo.com

    • Rich colors and sound
    • Superior smart features and operating system
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight yet durable

    • Darks hover on the edge of being too dark

    Peerless-AV’s 55-inch Neptune is the best overall outdoor TV we tested and a clear step above the competition in nearly every aspect from design to performance. That’s while ringing in at the more affordable end of the spectrum. The lightweight frame weighs only 38 pounds yet thoughtfully includes easy-to-grip handles. Its IPS panel offers the widest viewing angles and strong picture performance with vibrant colors popping from the sharp 4K screen. Lastly LG’s WebOS smart interface is the fastest and most feature-packed of the bunch—offering the most app variety and cross subscription functionality. You can download all of your services from HBO Max for the latest movies to Google Stadia for streaming games over the internet.

    All of this is in addition to strong HDR performance and all weather toughness that leads the pack. While its blacks can be a bit much for contrast that looks a bit too dark, its saturation is great, resulting in a picture that is cleaner looking and much more film-like. This is especially apparent in shadow highlights like mountain reflections in water, where some details like a snowcap on the top are harder to make out. With that said, the explosions, blues in the horizon between the sky and ocean, and color gradient filters looked best on this TV. You don’t need a separate sound bar since the two 8 watt speakers offer surround sound optimization for rich, booming audio.

    The Neptune’s “Magic” remote allows for natural inputs like scroll, point, and motion controls to easily navigate through content. Since the Neptune is as thin and light as a regular 4K TV, one person was able to carry it around with ease. It offers VESA mounting as well as two slick remote controls (one indoor and one outdoor) for an affordable $2,300 price tag. In terms of the performance-to-price ratio, this Neptune model can’t be beat. Its lower 500 nit brightness means it’s ideal for shaded spaces like a gazebo or bar or partial sun exposure. But if you plan to primarily watch TV in direct sunlight during the day, we recommend you take a look at the Séura model just below.


    Séura Full Sun Series 65-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP55, -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit | Display brightness: 2,000 nits | Resolution: 4K UHD | Operating system: None | Weight: 104 lb

    Full Sun Series 65-In. Outdoor TV

    • Clear image, especially in sunlight
    • Matte anti-glare screen reduces glare
    • Fans to withstand extreme heat and cold

    • Expensive
    • Bulkiest of the TVs we tested
    • No onboard speakers or smart features

    Séura’s Full Sun matte screen is large, bright, and fights off glare the best in our testing pool. While the 4K HDR picture looks sharp across all conditions like night, overcast, and rain, its daytime performance is the clearest. It’s expensive, but if you plan to place a TV in the path of direct sunlight, you’re simply going to have to shell out the big bucks for it.

    Side by side with the other models we tested, Séura’s Full Sun outdoor TV gets brightest, even edging out the 1,500 nit-lit Samsung Terrace (which is also advertised as a model meant for full sun). The matte screen best fights off the glare, reflections, and distortion. With that said, the Full Sun’s blacks aren’t as deep, so dark objects are bright and tend to look more like grays. This lower color reproduction is only noticeable side by side, but for use in the direct sunlight we’d trade off color accuracy any day. With the sun at its height, we still made out intricate details like facial hair stubble on an actor’s face and environmental textures in the Top Gun trailer that were way too difficult to make out on any of the other models against the glare from the sun.

    If you’re looking for smart features, don’t expect to find them here. This Séura model is a big dumb TV—and we mean that in the best way possible. It doesn’t require fussing around with a smart OS out of the box; you’ll simply need to plug in a streaming device. We hooked the Séura up to a Firestick 4K Max and were able to control power and volume levels directly from that streaming device’s included remote. While the included remote gets the job done, it’s basic fare for switching between input sources and adjusting image and sound settings.

    While we’re talking audio, this is one of the few issues we have with Séura’s TV—it requires a separate sound bar or set of outdoor speakers since it lacks onboard audio output. Factor the cost of that and a streaming device into your purchase before committing. At 104 pounds, it is far and away the bulkiest outdoor TV we tested, which can be unwieldy for mounting on weaker anchor points or certain mobile cart setups. The matte screen more than makes up for this, but if you’ll mainly be outside at night, it’s harder to recommend over our top pick. All of this will come at a cost, though—and a pretty steep one at that. If you can spare ten grand to upgrade your outdoor space with a movie theater experience, the Séura Full Sun series is a no-brainer.

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    Element Partial Sun Roku TV 55-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP55, -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit | Display brightness: 700 nits | Resolution: 4K UHD | Operating system: Roku | Weight: 84 lb

    55-In. Partial Sun Outdoor TV
    Element Electronics walmart.com

    • Most affordable model
    • Roku interface with AirPlay and smarts

    • Heavy
    • Chunky bezels

    Element’s new $1,299 outdoor TV is by far the most affordable model we tested. You get a sharp 4K display, a snappy Roku interface, and plenty of ports at a fraction of the price of the competition. There are some tradeoffs. It’s quite bulky for a partial sun TV and the bezels are thick. But this body makes it suitable for all weather while providing a crisp picture that shines in shaded areas and at night.

    Rain clouds provided a nice dark overcast on the first day of testing. This showed us the Element’s impressive brightness levels, which stood neck and neck with the comparable but pricier SunBrite Veranda 3. As both models soaked in the rain, we found water streaks sat longer on the screen of the Element, whereas they rolled right off of the Veranda and other models. The Element’s picture is sharp—we noticed each wrinkle, blemish, and stubble on the actors faces in the Top Gun trailer just as well, if not better, than the rest of the TVs. However, blacks aren’t as deep. And the greenery in a fast-panning desert shot melded together with the yellows of the sand. Color tones lean a bit too warm.

    With that said, Element’s outdoor TV offers an easy, traditional TV-like setup. You can unscrew the back panel for inputs by hand for easy access to all of the ports, there’s no ad bloat, and channels load up quickly. While the Roku remote replaces the physical voice search button with a sleep timer, I used the Roku app for its digital controller, which offers a keyboard, voice controls, and channel shortcuts. I was able to access content in less than four clicks on average, which is super helpful when you need to quickly make a switch while hosting. If you’re not a cinephile and have enough space for the Element, you’ll benefit from its slick operating system, crisp 4K screen, and durable body at half the cost of the Neptune above.


    Samsung Terrace 65-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP55 | Display brightness: 1,500 Nits | Resolution: 4K UHD | Operating system: Tizen OS | Weight: 80 lb

    Terrace 65-In. Full Sun Outdoor TV
    Samsung bestbuy.com

    • Most accurate colors and sharpest visuals enhanced by AI
    • Snappy Samsung Tizen OS with sleek remote

    • Heavy and expensive
    • Backlighting could be brighter for better performance in direct sunlight

    If you want the cream of the crop, then Samsung’s Terrace is pricey but damn near perfect. We’re talking a theater-like 65-inch 4K QLED display and anti-reflective coating in addition to a max brightness of 1,500 nits for optimal viewing even in direct sunlight. The Terrace has the best color and saturation balance and the least overall image noise. It’s an attractive but thick version of your standard Samsung Smart TV fare. It runs on Samsung’s snappy Tizen OS (which supports both Alexa and Google smart assistants), the remote is sleek, and its picture is crisp thanks to auto-optimizing 4K AI upscaling to restore lost detail and reduce image imperfections.

    Facial details, environmental details, and highlights pop—especially in the shade or darkness. It has much more lively saturation in the blues of water and reds of explosions. Skin tones can often take on more reds, but the result is a much more life-like appearance. Its blacks are the truest of the pool, which ultimately produces the most vibrant picture. But exposed to direct sunlight, its visibility doesn’t fare as well as the Seura despite being a full-sun TV. For the price, it’s expensive and bulky but the best-in-class picture more than make up for it. If you won’t be outside during the day or plan on placing this in a shaded area, this is the best looking TV we tested without any compromise in visual quality.


    SunBrite Veranda 3 Series 55-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP55 | Display brightness: 1,000 Nits | Resolution: 4K UHD | Operating system: Android TV | Weight: 40 lb

    Veranda 3 Series 55-In. Outdoor TV
    SunBrite amazon.com

    • 4K UHD at 120 Hz, which is best for gaming and sports
    • Local zone dimming
    • Android TV Smarts built-in

    • Poor sunlight performance

    Small but mighty, SunBrite’s budget partial sun outdoor TV is packed with display features like local zone dimming, Dolby Vision support, and Quantum Dot colors on a bright 4K screen at 120 Hz. All of these technologies enhanced the recent NBA Playoffs as we watched the Heat and Celtics go head to head without motion blur. And this high refresh rate also makes it the best outdoor TV for gamers since it offers the fastest image for competitive play and enhanced lighting for immersive single-player campaigns. In the shade or during the night, this TV delivers a rich colorful picture. Not only will you enjoy stellar footage in shaded areas, but the TV itself—plus its ports and remote—are all weatherproof.

    This is the first Veranda model to come equipped with onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream media directly from the device or straight from your phone. Three different testers had no problems pulling up YouTube videos. Its 55-inch size will fit in even the tightest of spaces, offering the convenience of an outdoor TV without taking up too much room (but it does come in sizes up to 75 inches). The only downside is that while the speakers built into the system are fine if you live in a very quiet neighborhood, you’ll probably want to invest in a separate sound system if you’re near a busy street or a lot of commotion.

    If you’re into video games or sports, this model boasts an impressive 120-Hz refresh rate for the smoothest motion in the test group. Its picture doesn’t look as crisp as some of the other models we tested, and the Android TV OS can occasionally lag. However, Google’s operating system opens the door for some seriously helpful smart features like Chromecast sharing, Google Assistant, and the Google Play store.

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    Furrion Aurora 4K 55-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP54 | Display brightness: 700 nits | Resolution: 4K UHD, 60 Hz | Operating system: None | Weight: 83 lb

    Aurora 4K 55-In. Outdoor TV
    Furrion amazon.com

    • Designed to withstand harsh climates

    • Doesn’t stand on its own; you’ll need a wall mount

    Furion’s Aurora is a great fit for those living in areas that experience the brunt of all four seasons. Whether it’s blistering, freezing winds or hot summer days, this TV was designed to endure whatever the elements throw at it.

    With an IP54 rating, the Aurora is capable of functioning in -4 all the way up to 122 degrees. Plus, it comes equipped with a sealed media bay gasket on the back that prevents input/output controls from getting wet. This TV is meant to be mounted to a wall and comes in four sizes to maximize your outdoor space no matter how big or small it is.


    Kuvasong 55-In.

    Weatherproof standard: IP65 | Display brightness: 1,500 nits | Resolution: 4K UHD | Operating system: Kuvasong Smart | Weight: 77 lb

    55-In. Smart Outdoor TV
    Kuvasong amazon.com

    • Smart TV connectivity

    • IR cord needs to be set up carefully to work

    This Kuvasong smart outdoor TV features an external sound bar to help project audio over ambient noise for a top-notch movie night. It also has a 4K UHD anti-glare display, making it easy to see from almost any angle. Bonus: A wall mount comes included so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately.

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